Newsletter 1 – 2. Partnership introduction

The NeMESI project partnership is composed by four organizations highly experienced in the realization of transnational projects as well as carrying a strong expertise in the topics covered by the project.


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IRFI is the designated training agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce and acts in compliance with its institutional mandate given by the Chamber of Commerce itself. Its main activities are research, consultancy, development and management of training activities which further its business members’ interests and encourages business and economic growth in the region. Besides being the Applicant partner, IRFI has additional tasks such as the overall coordination of the project, of the social media campaign, website, and final conference.

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CREA is a non-profit employers organisation located in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, Spain. It represents more than 30.000 enterprises through its associates made up by territorial and multisectorial businesses associations as well as biggest local companies operating in the region; offering a wide range of services to our associates and other targets.

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RDA is a public organisation belonging to Slovak integrated network of RDAs. It operates in the Bratislava Region and cooperates with public, SMEs and NGO sectors in Slovakia and similar bodies from EU and third countries. It is a nationally accredited institution in the VET area, member of European Social Inclusion Platform (ESIP).All partners contribute equally to all workpackages. Within the project, RDA will also coordinate relations with 3 of the 5 associate partners.

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ISM provides consultancy for public authorities, NGOs and enterprises. Other activities are project development and management, statistical inquiries, social research and planning. Since 1995 ISM is responsible for the evaluation of the ESF in some other Länders. Since 2005 it is responsible for a nationwide network of researchers and professionals supporting ethnic minority business; it is in charge of a specialist department, financed by the Federal Ministry of Social and Labour Aff., to foster ethnic entrepreneurship. It is responsible for some regional networks of labour market actors and for a nationwide network of professionals for ethnic entrepreneurship.

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